Ecuador Wedding Destination

Bodas Destino Ecuador

Our company is an expert in organizing Destination Weddings. This plan is ideal for couples living abroad and who are unable to come to Ecuador to organize their big day. We have hosted hundreds of these weddings, and we make an effort for the wedding to be perfect, which means we can guarantee that it will be everything you dreamed of.

Many couples, foreign or Ecuadorian, looking for the ideal place for their wedding are looking in the right place.

Ecuador is a small country and all of the wedding destinations are nearby.

Weekly Skype or Hang Out appointments will be scheduled, as well as appointments for couples to meet the suppliers we recommend.

Welcoming parties, rehearsal parties, weddings, pre-wedding tours and afterparties are the different events we organize.

We are allied to some of the best hotels in Ecuador and would happily to cater to your preferences anywhere in the country.

We handle the entire wedding and serve arriving guests, be it with welcome bags, infobooks, personalized service and much more.

We have hosted fantastic weddings, that have amazed the guests because of how perfect they have turned out.